Briefly: We Explain the Google Ads Quality Score Ranking

Google’s Ads is an online pay-per-click advertising opportunity for businesses. The options are somewhat customizable. There is no minimum amount of money you have to spend to participate, you are only charged when someone clicks on your ad, and they allow you to set an advertising budget. You choose an amount to spend every month, and they cannot charge you more than that set amount. Google Ads performs reports and feedback so that you can improve your ad’s effectiveness. Google searches rely heavily on the relevancy of the website to the user, and they extend that sentiment to their advertising arm. The goal of Google Ads is to “reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer” (Google).

One of the ways which they offer feedback on effectiveness is a Quality Score. Using a scale of 1 to 10, the Quality Score measures how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to any given user. It is similar to their Page Ranking system for the natural or organic search, only tailored to the advertising program. Google lists the following criteria as to how they calculate a Quality Score: Click-Through-Rate (how often a keyword garners ad clicks); Click-Through-Rate of your website’s URL; the overall CTR of all ads and keywords; the quality or relevancy of your landing page, ads, and search terms; the quality of success based on geographic location; the ad’s performance on other websites; and targeted devices. Google actually gives you a separate Quality Score for each device. For example, your QS on a laptop will be different from your QS on a smartphone.

All of the information that can be obtained from a Quality Score helps you to improve your ad’s effectiveness, which benefits you, the company, and your consumers alike. You not only have a better chance of reaching the right people, but Google offers the best ad positions to companies with the best Quality Scores, as well as less cost per click on their ads. It is possible for a business to more for a click at position 3, for example, than a business on position 1. This system that Google has created has gone a long way of streamlining online advertising. It’s great for the user because it helps them to find what they are looking for. Plus, people are less likely to be irritated by an ad if it’s for something that they actually want to buy. The trouble with mass marketing is that it has to appeal to everyone which must be a highly difficult task considering how varied our tastes and interests are. Google has effectively figured out customizable advertising just as fitting as a fine-tailored suit.

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