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We can build your e-commerce website from initial mockups to launch.

You have an amazing product to market. What now?

Once we have built your website, our next aim is to bring targeted traffic to your website and turn them into customers. Our #1 focus is your return on investment (ROI). If you already have your e-commerce site launched, we can help you market your site through one of our other digital marketing services. We can help set up, install, and configure Google Analytics on your website. We will provide reports of your traffic based on important conversion criteria and suggest changes in order to increase sales. We can also provide training to you and your staff showing the latest Google Analytics features and what reports you can use to analyze your visitors and make changes to your website. 

Branding and logo design

Custom Shopping Cart

Desktop & Mobile Marketing of Website

What E-commerce Solutions Does SoCalWizards Provide?

We can help you:

  • Designing mockups and logo design until you are satisfied
  • Build front end and back end (intranet) features design until you are satisfied
  • Build your website with design and features
  • Launch your website with targeted marketing campaign directed at your target market
  • Continue to update web features and marketing campaign
  • Google Analytics allows you to analyze your web traffic and make changes that will convert your visitors into customers

What Are the Benefits of Building an E-commerce Site with SoCalWizards?

There are many steps to launching an e-commerce website. Which gateway should you choose? Which merchant account? Which shopping cart system? Which design will attract your users? We will work with you each step of the way to ensure the proper launch of your website and concurrently launch a marketing campaign directed at your target market. 

  • Find the right shopping cart for your e-commerce needs. We can also build customer carts.
  • Find the right merchant account that balances commissions with level of service. Need a mobile credit card application? Square may be your choice. Only online? PayPal is a good choice some of the time.
  • Does a Live Chat service meet your business needs? We will work with you and discuss all options available to you.

At SoCalWizards, we have built many e-commerce sites with success for our customers. We would like to do the same for your business. Our U.S.-based & local Account Managers are dedicated to providing our customers with high quality service and support. We are happy to answer any of your questions regarding our e-commerce solutions service or any of our other services. Contact one of our Account Managers by visiting our Contact Us page, call us @ 888.551.1285 or fill out our quick form below.

Every project has unique challenges that we are willing to tackle head-on! Let one of our designers offer you a project plan that will design, build, and launch your new website.

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