PassNAPLEXnow provides online videos and live courses for pharmacy students preparing for the NAPLEX exam. PassNAPLEXnow has been providing these courses for over 10 years.


PassNAPLEXNow had been running an AdWords campaign for its Online Course and Live Course, but was not converting at a rate that would meet their ROI objectives. We implemented a two-pronged strategy to improve the company's conversion rates:

  1. Optimize the AdWords Campaign to reduce cost per clicks (CPCs), improve Quality Score, and increase targeted click-through rates (CTRs).
  2. Optimize landing pages to improve customer acquisition (conversion rate) once an ad is clicked.


We started by reviewing all of the company's campaign keywords compared to the actual search terms that potential customers had used. Scanning through each keyword allowed us to combine keywords in certain ad groups, create new ad groups to separate by keywords, and delete keywords that were converting the least. Additionally, we created separate ad groups based on dividing the country into three distinct areas: one campaign was created for all states that had the top 1/3 of conversions in the last 3 months, another campaign was created the states that had the middle 1/3 of conversions, and the last campaign for the states that had the bottom 1/3 of conversions. Even though we have the ability to track locations in one campaign, in this situation, we felt that separating out the campaigns would help us organize our campaigns best. Additionally, for this particular business, which required travel to California after a conversion, we felt that it was in the best interest of the campaign to separate out the states in this fashion.

We tested and improved the ads, which resulted in increased click through ratios, while still making sure that those increased clicks did not result in wasted spend. As always, we want to ensure that we are sending the most qualified traffic to the landing pages, that has the highest likelihood of converting to a customer.

Another important step was to overhaul the landing pages and provide the students that were visiting the landing page with information that was most important to them in their selection of a NAPLEX prep course. We tested and iterated many versions of the landing page and concluded that a particular order of information helped most with conversions. We continue to iterate and test the landing page, with the focus on increasing conversions for the company.


Within just one month, total conversions increased by 92%! Additionally, there was a 20% increase in Quality Score, and a 36% decrease in clicks costs during that time period. Since that time, we have improved all aspects of the campaign, as we continually test and iterate on all aspects of the landing pages and account, brining in further optimization to multiple extensions, automations, and other areas.

92% Conversion Increase

20% Quality Score Increase

36% Click Cost Reduction

From The Client

“The team at SoCalWizards have built such a strong relationship with our organization that we consider them an extension of our company. We have worked with SoCalWizards since 2009 and have seen yearly growth in our business since that time. Thank you to the SoCalWizards team for giving us sustained growth all of the years!”

-Ali M.
Owner, PassNaplexNow

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