OCPinkBailBonds has provided Orange County with top-quality bail bonds service for over 17 years!


This case study focuses on one of the many a/b landing page tests we have conducted for OCPinkBailBonds. This test is from when we first started working with OCPinkBailBonds a few years ago. A lot has changed since then, but this test was a big help in focusing our future tests.

One of the most overlooked aspects of any campaign is the landing pages. In a practical sense, 50% of your fight for conversions is on a landing page. You have fought hard to get the targeted audience to your site with targeted ads, keywords, bids, extensions, and many other adjustments. Now, you need to convert those visitors into leads. Unless that user visits, calls or fills out a form, they are wasted spend. Once we tally all of the numbers, there is only one important number to look at: conversions.

How can we increase conversions by optimizing landing pages?


We initially started out with two design options for the landing page. One design would focused on the company and the other design focused more on the bail agents. We tested copy at the beginning of and near the bottom.

For version 'a' of our test, we focused the copy on the business, the years in operation, and the awards the company has received. We still kept some information on the bail agents, but we did not put that as a main focus.

For version 'b' of our test, the copy was written to promote the bail agents and their close proximity to the jail houses that allows customers to obtain bail funds quickly. We also included company information on the page, but the bail agent copy was the main focus.

Our testing found that the copy that focused on the business was more effective at leading to conversion than the copy that focused on the agents.


Within just a few weeks of running our tests and implementing and implementing changes based on results while we were testing, the company saw a 40% improvement in its conversion rate. Additionally, we obtained a 22% reduction in click costs for the company copy and a 10% increase in Quality Score.

40% Conversion Increase

10% Quality Score Increase

22% Click Cost Reduction

From The Client

“Thanks to the SoCalWizards team, we have built a strong online presence that we were not able to profit from on our own. With the team dedicated to building our pages, running our campaigns, and getting results, we are happy to call SoCalWizards an extension of our team and a company we look forward to working with for a long time.”

-Lisa G.
Owner, OCPinkBailBonds

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